The summer school is organized as the team workshops led by international and local tutors to work out the ideas on spatial arrangements for a pop-up festival centre, develop the design proposals, and construction process.

The intense workshops are enriched by inspiring lectures, guided excursions, visits to the local construction material factories, discussions, and feedback sessions, as well as cultural and leisure activities, concerts and performances, cinema screening, exciting parties together with the Valmiera Summer Theatre festival.

NEW programme of the summer school in 2019 >>>

Wednesday, July 24


Thursday, July 25

9.30 Meeting & greeting of the participants
Welcome session & opening of the summer school (Vecpuišu park / Valmieras koncertzāle)

10.00 Opening speech from organisers. Introduction to theatre festival by VVTF Kids creative director Jānis Znotiņš. Introduction about Valmiera city, its development and architecture (Zanda Lapsa, Valmiera city architect)
11.30 Briefing & project preview by mentors. Site visit
12.30 Lunch break (Bastions)
13.30 Guided excursion – Valmiera historical centre
15.30 Practical warm-up task
17.30 Dinner (Vecpuisis)
18.30 Guided visit to Valmiermuiža Brewery

Friday, July 26

9.30 Lecture by architect and tutor Kārlis Melzobs
After lecture – Workshop
12:30 Lunch (Bastions)
13.30 Lecture “Wood, tools and technologies” by tutor Rudolf Bekic
After lecture – Workshop
18.30 Dinner (Bastions)
19.30 Workshop
Program of Valmiera city festival

Saturday, July 27

9.30 Workshop, getting ready for the first presentation
12:30 Lunch break (Bastions)
13.30 Idea presentation and discussion with participation of theatre festival creative director Jānis Znotiņš, Valmiera City architect Zanda Lapsa

Analysis of the feedback / Workshop continues
18.30 Dinner (Vecpuisis)
Program of Valmiera city festival

Sunday, July 28

9.30 Morning briefing

Workshop on design development and on-site testing lab
12.30 Lunch break (Bastions)
13.30 Workshop
Discussion on design development
18.30 Dinner (Pizza)
Evening session – outdoor activities

Monday, July 29

9.00 Morning briefing & security instruction
Construction workshop
12.30 Lunch (Bastions)
13.30 Construction workshop
18.30 Dinner (Bastions)
19.30 Evening lecture – Architecture and scenography – what are the differences? Scenography as a play with a space – by Reinis Suhanovs

Tuesday, July 30

9.00 Briefing and construction workshop
12.30 Lunch (Bastions)
13.30 Construction workshop
18.30 Dinner (Tērbata)
Workshop and evening session on Problems & Solutions

Wednesday, July 31

9.00 Briefing and construction workshop
12.30 Lunch (Bastions)
14.00 Construction workshop
18.30 Dinner (Bastions)
Workshop and evening session on Problems & Solutions

Thursday, August 1

9.00 Briefing (on-site) and construction workshop

12.30 Lunch break (Bastions)
13.30 Construction workshop
18.30 Dinner (Pizza)
Finishing of construction

Friday, August 2

9.00 Finishing of the last construction works.
Preparation for opening
12.30 Lunch break (Bastions)

From 14.00 Festival centre open for public
16.00 Opening of the Summer Theatre festival center

18.00 Dinner (Festival center)

19.00 Pop-up radio discussion about summer school

~20.00 closing ceremony of the summer school
Culture session: Program of the Theatre festival

Open-air cinema

Saturday, Aug 3

Culture session: Program of the Theatre festival



The VVTF has so far three years of experience in discovering the city spaces for theatre performance. By joining the forces with RISEBA the plans to generate more ambitious ideas and construct the festival city in the center of Valmiera has resulted in the cooperation to organize the summer school already for second year.


Parallel to the summer school, Valmiera city festivities will take place from July 26 to July 28, 2019.

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